platelet-rich plasma

PRP helps speed up wound healing

The growth factors found in PRP accelerate skin regeneration, enhance collagen synthesis, promote soft tissue healing, decrease scarring and enhance the body's natural response to wound healing. PRP is also thought to have an antibacterial effect, making it very effective for treating chronic, non-healing wounds. This can be particularly beneficial for patients with diabetes and other chronic illnesses that hamper wound healing.

PRP has also been used during skin grafts, where it is injected into the recipient site at the time of surgery. While research is ongoing in this area, initial reports show that PRP supports the initial stability of the grafted tissue and promotes rapid vascularisation of healing tissues, reducing the risk of wound breakdown. Dr Venter now routinely uses PRP when he does skin grafts in diabetic patients with lower leg wounds. He has not had a graft failure since using PRP in this clinically challenging area.


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